“May you receive Strength for Today...that you may gain Hope for Tomorrow”



Phase One

Pre-Release Mentoring-

This phase starts as early as 12 months, but no later than
3 months of the inmate’s release date.

Phase Two

Family Component

The inmate’s family will be contacted to identify or verify any
problems or concerns that could hinder re-acclimation.


Phase Three

Post Release

This process begins once the returning citizen in released. The
mentor will meet with the returning citizen and or the underserved individual and
begin the orientation process.


Phase Four

Continuing Education

At this point, the client will receive Character First
Lessons, Life Skills Development, assistance in seeking employment, and other
relevant job training and mental health counseling.



While participating in prison ministry, Raymond D. Bailey, recognized there was a need to help incarcerated persons and
individual citizens in making a successful transition back into society. He realized that these returning citizens, whether it be
from incarceration or from the streets, needed a support system or mentoring entity to successfully transition back into
society. In 2000, he organized a group of individuals with the same vision and began mentoring incarcerated individuals
with “release potential”. In 2011, Strength for Today Mentoring Program (SFT) was formed to mentor incarcerated
individuals, formally incarcerated individuals, as well as their families needing assistance.
The program is a facilitator and networker to the greater New Orleans area and other organizations. Our main objective is to
provide pre-release training and mentoring (with a Life Coach) to incarcerated individuals, both male and female. In 2016,
we expanded to include the underserved (those individuals that are struggling to secure a more productive place in society).
Strength for Today (SFT) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that has Certified Life Coaches on staff, and a Licensed Certified Social
Worker (LCSW) to address such issues as, antisocial behavior, antisocial personality.......


4526 S. Claiborne Avenue
New Orleans, Louisiana 70125  Tel: 504.867.9733

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